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Here is our eight step process


Step 1 – Getting to know you

Our first meeting is an opportunity for us to learn about you, your financial concerns, lifestyle objectives as well as your level of understanding of investment markets.

From your perspective it’s an opportunity to learn about our business, more detail about the services we offer and how we are paid for our advice and services to you.

At this time we may also be able to provide a direction as to the outcomes we would expect to achieve for you.


Step 2 – Financial Modeling

The purpose this meeting is to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your personal circumstances, needs and objectives. It is also an opportunity for us to present to you our value proposition, that is the benefits and outcomes you could expect to achieve by taking up our advice.
At this meeting we will present to you the outcomes of the various scenarios we believe may provide a solution to achieve your financial goals.
Ultimately from this meeting we want to agree on a solution that best fits your circumstances, taking into account not only your financial goals but the personal lifestyle objectives that are of importance and value to you.


Step 3 – Understanding Investments

One of the key tenets to our financial planning process is to help you understand your personal cash flow or where your income is going. We will work to assist you identify ways of increasing your surplus income in order to provide funds that can be made available for investment.

For individuals approaching retirement this will involve identifying if the capital base you have built will be enough to provide sufficient income to maintain your lifestyle.

The operate word here is income. This meeting will help you gain an understanding of the income producing attributes of the various asset classes being, Cash and Fixed Interest, Property and Australian and International shares.


Step 4 – Letter of offer

Following our financial modeling presentation we will provide you with a letter of offer. Your letter of offer will provide you with a summary of the outcomes of our financial modeling presentation.

The offer will provide you with the cost of our advice should you choose to engage our services.

At this stage you will be instructing us to formalise our financial strategy recommendations through a comprehensive written financial plan.


Step 5 – Strategy documentation and presentation

This meeting will involve the formal presentation of our recommendations to you via your written comprehensive financial plan.

The plan will not only revisit the outcomes of our financial modeling and strategy presentation but will rovide you with the more technical detail and rationale supporting our recommendations.


Step 6 – Plan Implementation

Having had the opportunity to digest our recommendations contained within your plan and ask questions about components that require further explanation to ensure you are making fully informed decisions, we are now in a position to commence the implementation of your personal plan.

This meeting will involve the signing and completion of all the necessary documentation required to implement the plan. The implementation process will be comprehensively handled by SJButler requiring minimal involvement from you.


Step 7 – Plan Induction

Once we are satisfied we have fully implemented your plan we will hold a formal induction meeting.

Over the course of implementing your comprehensive financial plan you will receive a considerable amount of documentation from both financial and government institutions. It can be overwhelming to interpret what information you are required to keep as financial records and useless marketing material that you have received.

At this meeting we will arrange to file the relevant documentation within your personally prepared SJButler compendium.

We will also confirm with you that your recommendations have been implemented as intended as well as provide you with the opportunity to ask questions in relation to components of your financial plan or investments that you do not clearly understand.


Step 8 – Ongoing Review.

No matter how comprehensive your initial plan is the exercise will be futile if it is not reviewed and the progress measured. Changes to your own personal circumstances, investment markets and government legislation will always occur and you need to adapt your strategy accordingly.

As a subscriber to our Prime Review Service you will have your plan reviewed either six monthly or annually depending what is required to keep you on track.

These reviews involve formal face to face meetings at predetermined months during the year. The focus of these meetings is to;

Update ourselves on any personal circumstance change which may impact your plan.
Discuss the progress of your portfolio.
Discuss your cash flow.
Forward plan for the next period.
Consider investment opportunities.

At the same time you have unlimited access to us over the review period through your dedicated Client Service Manager who will also attend all meetings and will assist with the ongoing management of your portfolio.

Importantly the role of your Client Service Manager is to be a direct point of contact with us to ensure any concerns or issues with regards to the management of your portfolio can be attended to in a timely manner.

Direct advice issues will be directed to your Financial Adviser.

What we cover at your review 
Changes in your personal circumstances.
The progress of your portfolio.
Your cash flow
Discuss new investment opportunities.
Discuss opting in to the next period.

Between review periods 
You have unlimited access to us through your dedicated Client Service Manager who will also attend all meetings and assist with the ongoing management of your portfolio.
Importantly your Client Service Manager is your direct point of contact with us ensuring any concerns or issues in relation to your portfolio can be attended to in a timely manner.
Specific advice issues should be directed to your Financial Adviser at SJBFP.

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