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SJButler Mortgage Solutions


Our Service

What our service offers

  • 100% upfront and ongoing commissions rebated directly back to you.
  • 100% reliability
  • 100% fee for service
  • 100% disclosure
  • 100% guarantee
  • 100% access to you mortgage broker

What does it all cost?

SJButler Mortgage Solutions provides a quality reliable service with constant contact with your adviser. We aim to provide you with industry best service supported by experienced, knowledgeable and accredited mortgage brokers. To provide this service we simply take our agreed service fee, and rebate you 100% of the upfront commission (less GST) that is paid to us by the lender and then rebate the difference directly back to you. Depending of the service package chosen we may also rebate 100% or the ongoing commission.

Our Service Fee (inclusive of GST) is $1,500.00

If you withdraw your loan application or if it is declined by the lender, or if the loan does not proceed to completion, there is no fee payable.

How does SJButler Mortgage Solutions get paid?

We have ONE source of income:

  • The agreed fixed service fee  you pay to us for arranging Submission, Processing & Settlement of your loan, only payable if your loan proceeds to settlement.

Remember, you'll be receiving a 100% rebate of the upfront broker commission (less GST).

SJButler Mortgage Solutions Guarantee

Lender application declined

If the lender does not approve your application, conditionally or unconditionally, you pay NO FEE to us.

Borrower withdrawal or subsequent lender decline

If you withdraw from the loan or if the lender, having previously approved your application conditionally or unconditionally, subsequently declines your application, you pay NO FEE to us.

Loan does not proceed to settlement

If for any reason, your loan does not proceed to settlement, you pay NO FEE to us.